Join the CCAI core team!

CCAI is looking for new core team members to play leading roles in the organization’s ongoing activities. Core team members are volunteers who are expected to dedicate at least 5 hours of time per week. Most core team members have a background in either machine learning or areas relevant to climate change (such as energy, transportation, climate science, etc.), and a strong interest in both topics.

Applications due Sep 30, 2023.

We are looking for the following in core team members, in addition to the role-specific requirements listed alongside each role description:

  1. Mission alignment: Team members must be passionate about catalyzing impactful work at the intersection of climate change and machine learning, per our mission, goals, and guiding principles.
  2. Proactiveness and responsibility: Team members must be proactive and responsible to ensure our organization can run as effectively as possible.
  3. Time commitment: Team members are expected to dedicate around 5 hours of volunteer time per week, including conference calls, and be responsive on Slack.
  4. Attention to detail: Team members are mindful of the work that they carry out, which helps CCAI ensure high quality of its activities.
  5. Team ethic: Team members must be able to work productively and collaboratively with team members, and otherwise foster a collegial environment.
  6. Comfort working in a digital environment: CCAI’s team is based across the world, and communicates primarily using Slack and video conferencing tools. While we are happy to onboard newcomers to the particular technologies we use, core team members must in general be comfortable working and collaborating in a primarily digital environment.
  7. Curiosity: CCAI is always embarking on new ventures and looking for new projects. We encourage new ideas from within (and outside) the team!
  8. Commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion: We are an interdisciplinary and international team and believe that diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) are not only fundamental to the organization but also to progress in addressing climate change as a whole. Team members are expected to hold DEI as a central consideration when organizing and executing CCAI activities.

Climate change is a global problem that requires global thinking. We accept applications from anywhere in the world. While CCAI has organized in-person events (pre-pandemic), all of the core work is done remotely.

We don’t require a specific degree or a particular academic/professional background: If you are responsible and enthusiastic, there may be a place for you on the core team.

CCAI is a fast-moving and fun environment to help facilitate meaningful and immediate climate action with machine learning. Working with CCAI will provide you with opportunities to acquire new skills, expand your network, and curate knowledge.

Below is a list of roles for which CCAI is currently recruiting. Please apply by filling out this form. If you are interested in joining but do not fit any of the specific roles, we still encourage you to apply and describe in your application how you see yourself contributing to CCAI. Applications will be assessed on a rolling basis.

Open positions

Community Platform Lead

CCAI is looking for a Community Platform Lead to help foster and manage the growth of our Community Platform. The Community Platform is a CCAI-specific social media platform hosted on the Circle App to find collaborators, share job postings, and discuss ideas. Our Community Platform is quickly growing and currently has about 7,500 members, thus necessitating a Community Platform Lead.

The Community Platform Lead will work together with a Community Manager to encourage constructive discussions, handle technical issues, and plan out the long-term vision for the CCAI community.

Time commitment: This position will take 5 - 10 hours per week.

Position-specific requirements:

Optional but preferred skills:

Content Creator

CCAI is looking for a Content Creator to contribute to the CCAI blog, newsletter, and social media platforms. The blog offers a platform for the organization and its community members to publish articles on topics at the intersection of machine learning and climate change, while the newsletter offers a brief monthly summary of announcements, news, select research, highlighted datasets, events, and job postings.

The Content Creator will write posts for the CCAI blog such as research summaries, perspective pieces, and interviews. The Content Creator will also review and edit others’ contributed blog posts.

Time commitment: We expect the Content Creator to write about 1 blog post per month, contribute 2 short research paper summaries to each monthly newsletter, and spend about 10 minutes per week engaging with our social media audience.

Position-specific requirements:

Optional but preferred skills:

Media & Design

CCAI is looking for a Media & Design volunteer to help promote our events and share recorded content. Each event will require material advertising the content and speakers (along with logistical information). If the event includes video or a livestream, then this position will also include some video editing to standardize and promote the recordings on the CCAI YouTube channel.

The Media & Design volunteer will create digital posters, banners, stickers, and other promotional material as appropriate for events such as webinars, happy hours, conferences, and our Summer School. The volunteer will also work with various content creators to implement a brand identity in our YouTube videos which include webinars, lectures, conferences, our CCAI Summer School, and upcoming MOOC.

Time commitment: This volunteer will assist with advertising before events which occur about twice a month, and assist with publishing about 20 to 30 videos per year.

Position-specific requirements:

Optional but preferred skills: