Attention-based Domain Adaptation Forecasting of Streamflow in Data-Sparse Regions (Papers Track)

Roland R Oruche (University of Missouri-Columbia); Fearghal O'Donncha (IBM Research)

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Meta- and Transfer Learning Disaster Management and Relief Time-series Analysis


Streamflow forecasts are critical to guide water resource management, mitigate drought and flood effects, and develop climate-smart infrastructure and governance. Many global regions, however, have limited streamflow observations to guide evidence-based management strategies. In this paper, we propose an attention-based domain adaptation streamflow forecaster for data-sparse regions. Our approach leverages the hydrological characteristics of a data-rich source domain to induce effective 24hr lead-time streamflow prediction in a data-constrained target domain. Specifically, we employ a deep-learning framework leveraging domain adaptation techniques to simultaneously train streamflow predictions and discern between both domains using an adversarial method. Experiments against baseline cross-domain forecasting models show improved performance for 24hr lead-time streamflow forecasting.