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The EPA’s new methane reduction proposal hints at help from AI

The agency acknowledges the role of cutting-edge techniques, but stops short of fully endorsing them.
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Climate Change AI @ COP26

CCAI's events at the November conference continued to provide scientific input to policymakers on AI's relationship with climate change.
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Learning to Control Buildings Like an Engineer

A new approach to energy-efficient HVAC control infuses deep learning with guidance from physics.
Research summary buildings hybrid physical models reinforcement learning and control

A datathon to empower women in climate change and data science

The Women in Data Science Datathon 2022 will highlight the role of buildings for climate change mitigation, while supporting women in the field.
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GANs for Dynamic Spatio-Temporal Patterns

Deep generative modeling can help to accelerate and scale simulation of weather patterns and turbulent flows.
Research summary GAN Earth systems modeling remote sensing spatio-temporal dynamics generative models

Startups in the Climate Space: An Interview with Dr. Lauren Kuntz of Gaiascope

Reflecting on the undeniable advance of climate change, my friend Lauren and I discuss how startups can enter the climate space and make a difference.
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CCAI’s comments on the EU’s proposed Harmonized Rules on AI

What role can the “high-risk” classification for AI systems play in addressing climate change?
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Introducing the CCAI blog

Hello, world!
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