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Date Webinar
November 23, 2020 Panel Discussion: Climate Change, Machine Learning, and the Power Grid
Details: (click to expand) Co-hosted with the Energy Innovation Network

How can machine learning help decarbonize the power sector? Join us for a conversation with leaders from academia, startups, and the power industry, who will share insights from their own work in this space, as well as advice on how to make the leap from innovation to deployment. This webinar is co-hosted by Climate Change AI and the Energy Innovation Network. Speakers include:

Dr. Kyri Baker received her B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University in 2009, 2010, and 2014, respectively. From 2015 to 2017, she worked at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory. Since Fall 2017, she has been an Assistant Professor at the University of Colorado Boulder. Dr. Baker is a Fellow of the Renewable and Sustainable Energy Institute (RASEI). Her research focuses on renewable energy integration by changing the way the electric power grid operates. In particular, she develops computationally efficient optimization and learning algorithms for energy systems ranging from building-level assets to transmission grids.

Eric Hsieh is the Head of Product for AI/ML Applications for AutoGrid, an energy industry software company. Previously working as a Sr. Machine Learning Engineer for AutoGrid, he built and deployed a Predictive Maintenance model at a Fortune 500 energy company that catches distribution outages with IoT data in realtime. Now, as the Head of Product, Eric aims to make the energy grid more efficient by productizing AI applications. He received his formal education in Evolutionary Biology from the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, where he founded a biofuel startup that made energy from brewery wastewater. In his free time, Eric enjoys gardening and golfing.

Antoine Marot is the lead AI scientist at RTE, the French transmission system operator. He holds a double master’s degree in Engineering from Ecole Centrale Paris and Stanford University. After interning at Tesla Motors, he joined RTE R&D on the Apogee project 6 years ago, with the long-term goal of developing a personal assistant for control room operators with AI. Through collaboration with INRIA (the French AI research lab), he supervised several PhD students on augmented power system simulators with AI, and on Human-Intelligent Machine interactions with a strong focus on interpretability. He recently co-authored several papers using AI for power systems and has given talks on the topic at various venues, including a keynote at the IJCNN AI conference. He advocates for a new "AI for power systems community" bringing together researchers from both fields to accelerate the application of AI. The “Learning to Run a Power Network” challenge running along NeurIPS 2020, the largest AI conference, is a strong step forward towards it.

As the two co-founders of Buzz Solutions, Kaitlyn Albertoli and Vik Chaudhry met during their time at Stanford University and created Buzz Solutions from a launchpad course there in the spring of 2017. Jointly, the two bring a well-rounded and complimentary skillset to the table. Vik has a Masters degree from Stanford in Energy Engineering focusing on applications of Machine Learning and AI for Smart Grid technologies, Demand Response and Energy Efficiency. He has several years of experience with AI/Machine Learning and Computer Vision, leading ML teams at Cisco Systems. Kaitlyn also graduated from Stanford with coursework in Economics and Finance. She has previous experience working in finance at J.P. Morgan and also ran a nonprofit in the Sustainable Food space. Each bringing unique skill sets to the table, Vik and Kaitlyn are passionate about bringing the digital transformation to a traditional industry with a burning need to modernize the aging grid infrastructure and to put an end to some of the mass disasters such as wildfires, forced shutdowns, and network failures as a result of failed infrastructure.

Moderators: Priya Donti (Climate Change AI), Na Yu (Energy Innovation Network)
November 14, 2019 Start-up Webinar with Better Ventures and CCAI
Details: (click to expand) Co-hosted with Better Ventures

A webinar for current and prospective entrepreneurs on commercializing innovations in the area of AI and climate change. Topics covered include funding milestones, early team formation, pitch deck structure, and fundraising best practices.

Speaker: Jessica Eastling is an Associate at Better Ventures who has first-hand experience working across non-profits, foundations, and social enterprises, exposing her to a wide range of impact models. Prior to Better Ventures, Jessica worked with Zola (Off Grid) Electric, an energy access startup providing solar in Sub-Saharan Africa. She earned her B.S. and M.S. in Earth Systems from Stanford University, studying the intersection of society and the environment.

Moderators: Lynn Kaack and Alexandre Lacoste (Climate Change AI)