About Climate Change AI

Climate Change AI (CCAI) is an organization composed of volunteers from academia and industry who believe that tackling climate change requires concerted societal action, in which machine learning can play an impactful role. Since it was founded in June 2019 (and established as a US domestic non-profit on June 14, 2021), CCAI has led the creation of a global movement in climate change and machine learning, encompassing researchers, engineers, entrepreneurs, investors, policymakers, companies, and NGOs.

Our Mission

To catalyze impactful work at the intersection of climate change and machine learning.

Our Goals

Our Guiding Principles


Board of Directors

Lynn H. Kaack
Hertie School

Co-Founder CCAI Chair Public Sector Co-Lead
David Rolnick
McGill, Mila

Co-Founder CCAI Chair
Maria João Sousa
IST, ULisboa, Cornell Tech

CCAI Chair Incoming Executive Director Summer School
Konstantin Klemmer
Microsoft Research

Communications Chair
Olivia Mendivil Ramos
OneThree Biotech

Content Chair
Evan D. Sherwin
Stanford University

Programs Chair
Marcus Voss
Birds on Mars, TU Berlin

Community Leads Chair Buildings & Transportation Lead


Priya L. Donti
Cornell Tech, MIT

Co-Founder Executive Director Power & Energy Co-Lead
Kameliya Petrova

Consulting Director: Projects & Partnerships

via Future Earth International
Erick Kapp

Educational Events Coordinator


Annika Vivekananthan

Website and Workflow Automation
Dreese Fadil

Website and Workflow Automation

Core Team

Annie Agle
Cambridge Institute for Sustainable Leadership and Cotopaxi

Industry Events
Utkarsha Agwan
UC Berkeley

Community Events
Olalekan Akintande
University of Ibadan

Community Events
Dea Bankova
Reuters Graphics

Zikri Bayraktar
Schlumberger-Doll Research

Carbon Capture & Sequestration Lead
Sara Beery
MIT, Google

Biodiversity Lead
Rasika Bhalerao
Northeastern University

Communications Vice Chair Newsletter
Millie Chapman
University of California Berkeley

Summer School
Ioana Colfescu
National Centre for Atmospheric Science

David Dao
ETH Zürich

Agriculture & Forestry Lead
Hari Prasanna Das
UC Berkeley

Summer School
Ján Drgoňa
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Community Platforms
Jesse Dunietz
AAAS Science & Technology Policy Fellowship

Media Relations
Simone Fobi
Microsoft AI for Good Research Lab

Data Lead
Alan Fortuny
UNED Adidas

Newsletter Blog
Jade Eva Guisiano
ISEP, Polytechnique, UNEP

Meareg Hailemariam
Dakar American University of Science and Technology

Melanie Hanna

Jeremy Irvin
Stanford University

Summer School Course
Kai Jeggle
ETH Zürich

Community Manager
Nathan Kiner

Samuel King
Briink GmbH

Community Events
Kelly Kochanski
Opendoor Labs

Summer School Industry events
Lukas Kondmann
TU Munich, DLR

Career Events
Raphaela Kotsch
University of Zurich, ZHAW

Economics & Markets Lead
Alp Kucukelbir
Fero Labs, Columbia University

Entrepreneurship Lead Course
Sasha Luccioni
Hugging Face
Shiva Madadkhani
TU München

Community Events
Ankur Mahesh
LBNL, UC Berkeley

Tutorials Summer School
Nikola Milojevic-Dupont
MCC Berlin, TU Berlin

Content Vice Chair
Jorge Montalvo

Community Events
Panayiotis Moutis
Carnegie Mellon University

Power & Energy Co-Lead
Arthur Ouaknine
McGill University, Mila

Amanda Sessim Parisenti
Council of Europe

Summer School
Shafat Rahman

Andrew Slavin Ross

Mark Roth
Climate, LLC

Programs Vice Chair Community Events
Sebastian Ruf
Northeastern University

Daniel Spokoyny
Carnegie Mellon

Summer School
Isabelle Tingzon
Thinking Machines Data Science

Kasia Tokarska
ETH Zürich

Community Leads Vice Chair Climate & Earth Sciences Lead
Marius Wiggert
UC Berkeley

Community Events
Kureha Yamaguchi
University of Cambridge

Community Manager

Advisory Board

Inês Azevedo
Stanford University
Yoshua Bengio
Mila, U. de Montréal
Jennifer Chayes
UC Berkeley
Felix Creutzig
MCC Berlin, TU Berlin
Carla Gomes
Cornell University
Demis Hassabis
Zico Kolter
Carnegie Mellon
Konrad P. Körding
University of Pennsylvania
Claire Monteleoni
CU Boulder
Catherine Nakalembe
University of Maryland
Andrew Y. Ng
Stanford University
John C. Platt
Google AI
Tobias Schmidt
ETH Zürich
Craig Smith
Eye on AI

Former Core Team Members



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