About Climate Change AI

Climate Change AI is a group of volunteers from academia and industry who believe in using machine learning, where it is relevant, to help tackle the climate crisis. We aim to facilitate meaningful action by a range of stakeholders — researchers and engineers, entrepreneurs and investors, established businesses, the public sector, and more.

We believe that:

Our Vision

A world where effective climate change mitigation and robust adaptation strategies are deployed for the benefit of all.

Our Mission

To empower work that meaningfully addresses the climate crisis and is well-served by machine learning tools.

Our Goals


Core Team

David Rolnick
University of Pennsylvania
Priya L. Donti
Carnegie Mellon
Lynn H. Kaack
ETH Zürich
Kris Sankaran
Mila, U. de Montréal
Sasha Luccioni
Mila, U. de Montréal
Andrew Slavin Ross
Harvard University
Kelly Kochanski
CU Boulder
Alexandre Lacoste
Element AI
Nikola Milojevic-Dupont
MCC Berlin, TU Berlin
Konstantin Klemmer
University of Warwick
Tegan Maharaj
Mila, Polytechnique Montréal
Evan D. Sherwin
Stanford University
Sharon Zhou
Stanford University
David Dao
ETH Zurich


Yoshua Bengio
Mila, U. de Montréal
Jennifer Chayes
UC Berkeley
Felix Creutzig
MCC Berlin, TU Berlin
John C. Platt
Google AI
Demis Hassabis
Andrew Y. Ng
Stanford University
Carla Gomes
Cornell University
Konrad P. Körding
University of Pennsylvania
Zico Kolter
Carnegie Mellon
Inês Azevedo
Stanford University
Tobias Schmidt
ETH Zürich
Craig Smith
Eye on AI

Organizational Structure

CCAI Chairs

Content Committee

Communications Committee

Community Leads



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