Towards Optimal District Heating Temperature Control in China with Deep Reinforcement Learning (Papers Track)

Adrien Le Coz (EDF); Tahar Nabil (EDF); Francois Courtot (EDF)

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Buildings Reinforcement Learning


Achieving efficiency gains in Chinese district heating networks, thereby reducing their carbon footprint, requires new optimal control methods going beyond current industry tools. Focusing on the secondary network, we propose a data-driven deep reinforcement learning (DRL) approach to address this task. We build a recurrent neural network, trained on simulated data, to predict the indoor temperatures. This model is then used to train two DRL agents, with or without expert guidance, for the optimal control of the supply water temperature. Our tests in a multi-apartment setting show that both agents can ensure a higher thermal comfort and at the same time a smaller energy cost, compared to an optimized baseline strategy.

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