COP25 Side Event

Artificial Intelligence:
Applications in Climate Mitigation and Adaptation

Wednesday 4 December, 2019, 15:30-17:00 - Chile Pavilion

Artificial intelligence (AI) and big data can accelerate some strategies in mitigation, adaptation, and climate science, across areas such as energy, industry, agriculture, forestry, and disaster management. For instance, AI can accelerate scientific discovery (e.g. design better batteries), improve forecasts (e.g. of extreme events and renewable energy production), optimize existing systems (e.g. consolidate freight and reduce food waste), enable remote sensing (e.g. pinpoint deforestation and gather infrastructure data), and provide fast approximations to time-intensive simulations (e.g. electricity scheduling and climate models).

In this session, we will highlight ways that AI can be leveraged to address some of the problems of climate change. We will also invite discussion about practical considerations involved in implementing these applications, which requires input from researchers, local and national governments, international organizations, the private sector, NGOs, and more.

This event is organized by Climate Change AI (CCAI), an initiative to encourage the meaningful application of AI to climate change mitigation and adaptation. CCAI provides resources for those working at the intersection of climate change and AI, and organizes physical and digital events to build teams with diverse expertise. CCAI is led by a multidisciplinary group of volunteers from academia and industry, including the directors of many of the world’s leading AI institutions.

Our session will address the following discussion points: