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Introducing The ForestBench Project

Community Engagement and Technological Innovation for Carbon Data Collection in the Global South.
Innovation Grants Research Funding Research Summary Biodiversity Forestry Agriculture Drones

Deep learning of nanoporous materials for chemical separations

With support from the Climate Change AI Innovation Grants program, an interdisciplinary team from UMass Amherst is using AI to help researchers design energy-efficient separation processes.
Innovation Grants Deep Learning Research Funding Research Summary Material Science

Mapping Species From Crowdsourced Data Using Machine Learning

Using machine learning to generate geographical range predictions for tens of thousands of species with support from the Climate Change AI Innovation Grants Program.
Innovation Grants Conservation Research Funding Research Summary Geospatial Data

Using Machine Learning to Integrate Mangrove Restoration with Sustainable Aquaculture Intensification

With support from the Innovation Grants Program, a diverse team of academics, conservation practitioners, and tech industry experts developed a rapid assessment tool, powered by AI and earth observation data, to identify and validate Climate Smart Shrimp sites in Indonesia and the Philippines.
Innovation Grants Mangrove Shrimp Aquaculture Conservation Research Funding Research Summary

Using Reinforcement Learning to Improve Energy Management for Grid-Interactive Buildings

Implementation in the Citylearn environment and key challenges for multi-agent reinforcement learning
Industry Post Buildings Energy Reinforcement Learning

CCAI Core Team Profile: Priya Donti

An interview with the Co-founder and Executive Director of CCAI
CCAI Core Team Profile Power Systems Career Story

Using AI-driven Yield Estimation to Improve Resilience of Malian Cotton Farmers

As part of the Climate Change AI Innovation Grants program, the IMPRESSYIELD team is using Satellite Data and AI to monitor the climate change risks to one of Mali’s most threatened crops.
Innovation Grants Agriculture Computer Vision & Remote Sensing Research Summary

Circularity in Fashion, powered by AI

An alternative focus for AI in the fashion industry
Industry Post Fashion Circularity Footprint Mitigation

Getting your academic resume ready for industry

A guide for researchers to upgrade their industry job hunts
Career Guide Resume Industry Career Transition

Using Machine Learning to Track International Climate Finance

Researchers used natural language processing to track international climate finance based on textual descriptions of development projects.
Guest Post Research Summary Climate Finance Natural Language Processing Mitigation Adaptation COP27

Bridging the Gap Between Academia and Industry In The Energy Sector

Data science innovation is often lost between Industry and Academia. A new report offers suggestions for improving the process.
Research Summary Energy Sector Industry Innovation Data Science

The Green Last Mile Project: Accelerating Cargo-Bike Logistics in Cities

As part of the CCAI Innovation Grants Program, a team from Denmark, India, the US and the UK is working on simulations of vehicle performance across urban micro-regions to accelerate the transition to cargo-bike logistics.
Innovation Grants Last Mile Simulations Logistics Transportion Sustainability Cities Research Summary

Estimating the Ice Volume of All Glaciers in High Mountain Asia With Deep Learning

With the support of the Innovation Grants Program, the ICENET project combines remote sensing and deep learning to assess the ice volume of all glaciers in High Mountain Asia.
Innovation Grants Glaciers Deep Learning Satellite Imaging Computer Vision & Remote Sensing Research Summary

Tackling Climate Change with Machine Learning Workshop at NeurIPS 2022

Author information for Climate Change AI's workshop
Announcement NeurIPS Workshop Events Author Information

Detecting Flooding in Fiji’s Croplands

A team from Australia and Fiji are using machine learning to generate flood maps from satellite images for agricultural damage assessment with support from CCAI’s Innovation Grants Program.
Innovation Grants Flood Satellite Imaging Geospatial Data Computer Vision & Remote Sensing Agriculture Flood Risks Extreme Tropical Weather Responses Research Summary

Scaling Climate Smart Shrimp in Southeast Asia using GIS and Computer Vision

Multi-institution team of Innovation Grants Program awardees will use GIS and AI to identify and classify aquaculture sites for production intensification and mangrove restoration in Indonesia and the Philippines
Innovation Grants Mangrove Shrimp Aquaculture Conservation Research Funding Research Summary

Carbon Capture, Extreme Weather, and Disaster Management

A recap of CCAI’s first reading groups
CCAI News Carbon Capture Earth Systems Modeling Adaptation

Announcing the Climate Change AI Innovation Grants 2022 winners

13 proposals will be awarded a total of $1.8M USD as part of CCAI’s first research grants program
Announcement Innovation Grants Climate Change AI Mitigation Adaptation Award Research Funding

The paper that launched CCAI

Looking back at “Tackling Climate Change with Machine Learning”
CCAI Perspective Climate Change AI Machine Learning Mitigation Adaptation Retrospective

CCAI Core Team Profile: Evan Sherwin

The CCAI blog occasionally features profiles of core team members. This week, we check in with methane researcher and CCAI core team member Evan Sherwin.
CCAI Core Team Profile Methane Career Story

The EPA’s new methane reduction proposal hints at help from AI

The agency acknowledges the role of cutting-edge techniques, but stops short of fully endorsing them.
Guest Post Methane EPA Policy

Climate Change AI @ COP26

CCAI's events at the November conference continued to provide scientific input to policymakers on AI's relationship with climate change.
CCAI News Policy Events

Learning to Control Buildings Like an Engineer

A new approach to energy-efficient HVAC control infuses deep learning with guidance from physics.
Research Summary Buildings Hybrid Physical Models Reinforcement Learning & Control

A datathon to empower women in climate change and data science

The Women in Data Science Datathon 2022 will highlight the role of buildings for climate change mitigation, while supporting women in the field.
Announcement Buildings Data Science Energy Efficiency Events

GANs for Dynamic Spatio-Temporal Patterns

Deep generative modeling can help to accelerate and scale simulation of weather patterns and turbulent flows.
Research Summary GAN Earth Systems Modeling Computer Vision & Remote Sensing Spatio-temporal Dynamics Generative Models

Startups in the Climate Space: An Interview with Dr. Lauren Kuntz of Gaiascope

Reflecting on the undeniable advance of climate change, my friend Lauren and I discuss how startups can enter the climate space and make a difference.
Interview Startups Industry

CCAI’s comments on the EU’s proposed Harmonized Rules on AI

What role can the “high-risk” classification for AI systems play in addressing climate change?
CCAI Perspective EU Regulation Policy

Introducing the CCAI blog

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